Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday - Updates and "One thousand and More Gifts"

Its been awhile since I blogged. While i determined to blog more often, its not an easy habit to get into. I feel like I only bore you all!

So... I am currently binding up my Rainbow Quilt (see previous posts) and started on the next one. Im doing the
Marshmallow Brochette Quilt Along but with my own nutty choices. I just did rainbow, and dont want to do it again. Angeliques birthday is coming up so she chose these fabrics.

Mix of Robert Kaufman Solids and Central Park by Kate Spain
We did have a blast this weekend, we joined a new group at meetup called the "nonhikers hiking club" and took a few fun pictures. The girls had a blast!

Half way up the trail we stopped on a ledge and took this photo:

 At the very top of the trail (before we looped back) we saw the Siamese Twins. (this was at Garden of the Gods).
When we finished we headed to old colorado city and I got my picture with one of my favorite weather men, Brian Bledsoe (little did i realize the man in the cap near him was my other favorite Branden Borreman!!). Shucks!

I think it was a good week... now to my One thousand and More Gifts:
11. feeling the sunburn on my scalp and being grateful that we even had sun for a weekend.
12. watching the girls learn the value of a good hike
13. seeing the beauty of the area we hiked at and knowing the formations we saw were works of one God.
14. having friends who understand without knowing the details and accept me.
15. realizing that faith is not always an easy thing, but you gotta keep having it.
16. waking up to find a precious little girl sleeping peacefully next to me... she was comforted from a nightmare by just being by me, but let momma sleep.

See you all soon!! Im off to eat potato salad and watch the kids TRY to wash my car!


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