Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Minne "SODA"

Converastion last night.

Angelique "Daddy what is Minnesota?"
Daddy "um, its a state"
Angelique "Is it where soda comes from?"
Daddy "um, no, soda comes from everywhere"
Angelique "then why is Soda in Minnesota?"
Daddy "Angelique, are you done eating?"
Angelique "Is soda older than Minnesota?"
Daddy "No, i think Minnesota became a state in 1850's, Soda more recent."

And then began a big discussion on looking at a map of states that includes statehood information!


Thought ya'll would enjoy that.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sacks of Potatos are worth their weight!

Angelique and Sabryna tetertottering from Angela Nussbaum on Vimeo.

This was so crazy! Sabryna kept complaining about the tetertotter because she had to do all the work, Angelique just didnt weigh enough to come down all the way. I was sitting near by and said "Angelique, what you need is to gain about 10 pounds" She asked me what was 10 pounds, and i replied a sack of potatos. Next think I know she goes running into ask her Aunt for a bag of potatos. The funny thing was, it worked!


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