Saturday, October 23, 2010

ScrapGirls Anniversary Bingo List: ** Chat room game for all of Sat Night**

Below are a list of 50 words. Choose 15 words. Email your chosen words to Angela Nussbaum  ---  ---- .... Subject your Member Name. 

This game will run only in these chats:
Anniversary Party Chat @ 7PM MT (9PM ET)
Cram the Chat    @ 8PM MT (10PM ET)
Pj Party Chat    @ 9PM MT (11PM ET)

You must be in the chat to hear the words called.    

credit card

message board
Scrap Simple
wrapping paper

LSL (left some love)

VI (six in roman numerals)
Huckleberry Monkey
Boutique Babes
Layout Artists
party hats

ice cream
Scrap Girls
Good friends



Thursday, June 24, 2010

speed crop layout for today!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recipe - Corn on the cob n'Basil butter Rub

I love doing a bit more with my corn on the cob than just butter salt and pepper..... Here is a recipe i just love and you will too!!!

Products used to create card are from

Want to get more grilling recipes? Try looking at this site: Our Homeschool Home: On the Grill

Our Homeschool Home


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Breaking Free - Facebook

 I just did something truely amazing for myself.

I was just in a chat at when the person i was chatting with mentioned something. It kinda hit me, that what she said applied to me in a way. I have spent most of this year trying to Break Free from all those things that hold me captive.... and guess what?.... Facebook was holding me WAY captive. The addiction i felt towards the games is so powerful.

So suddenly, without thinking about it i said "im deleting all thsoe games." Sure that sounded so brave, assure of myself... but as i went in to delete them... oh dear! the hardship!

I worked so hard on that one
I have so many recipes...
My pooor pet... she has all those great rooms
my high score....
That one was so fun once...

Thsoe thoughts kept entering my brain and I couldnt hit that X no matter how i tried.

Finally i took a deep breath and called on my superhero to come and release me. "God" I called out from deep in my soul "Help me hit that X"

An amazing peace, a breath of fresh air, a feeling of lightness came over me and i hit those X's and over 200 more!

I am now game free from facebook. but.... im not silly to think i wont be tempted in the future. A new prayer is added to my prayer list. "God, help me to resist and ignore, delete or hide those temptations. God help me to love facebook in a way that is healthy for me, and honoring to you."

Was that drastic? Possibly, but i highly suggest you give it a try! God is so liberating! Go... go delete 2 or 3... see how it feels!

Now.... to make a list of things i want to do with my time!!! Any suggestions? :)

See! only a couple apps left... only ones like status update (very neat religious themes there) 
and a few others. NO games!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Reading - An exciting family activity

Growing up, i watched my mom read. ALOT. It instilled such a love for reading in me!

When i lived in Lousiana, i was stunned that the children there had "required" summer reading lists. Books they MUST read before coming back to school. Pleasently stunned is a better way of saying that, i thought it was an awesome idea and looked forward to my children one day bringing home their lists.

Now though, where we live there are no lists for them.

So i created my own summer reading program.... that works perfectly with our libraries summer event!
First I look up the HAISLN ( site and print out their lists for my girls. The lists include short descriptions of the books, i have the girls highlight some of the books they are interested in.

Then i log onto our local library website and either put one or two on hold, or request some transfers!

Then throughout the summer we have a personal reading time, and just before bed I read aloud to them from a novel. Even Zoey who is 4 can sit and listen to the novel!!! Right now we are reading a Harry Potter book.

I also have myself a reading list. I pull books from The Modern Library Top 100 Lists. Ive slowly made my way through the lists. I think its important for them to see mom ALSO sitting and enjoying reading!!

Another fun thing we do for the reading program is to go on reading adventures. We will pick places to go read at. The park, the lake, monument rock, coffee shop... anywhere we can think of. We tried McDonalds once, but that was tooooo distracting! LOL.

Its amazing! So i suggest, if your school does not have a reading list for summer.... get excited with your children and create your own!!!

If you do have your own, im curious, what do you do to encourage your kids to read over the summer???



Friday, May 21, 2010

Its the end...

Im still stunned that today is the last day of the school year. What am I to do with these kids for 3 months?

The girls had a blast on their field days yesterday and i got a chance to take an end of the year class photo. I love seeing how the kids have changed over the whole year!

Angeliques Class

Sabryna's Class
And i cant leave my little Zoey. She did a FULL day of activities and crashed at one point.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines for the girls.

Every year i do something fun and different for the girls. Anonomously. This year I wanted to do something very neat for them. I created these neat felt and fleece dolls. The red one is a picture i found that Angelique had drawn, the other two are my creations (zoey knows im making these, and requested a bunny). I really liked making these and might make some and see if they can sell. Im also working on some cute felt barrettes. It does me good to do things with my hands to create, it makes me feel good, it destresses me, and its fun.

Happy Valentines Day to YOU, too!!!



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flying Teeth

This is a funny story. Angelique is a bit timid when it comes to losing her teeth. She has only lost 2 prior to this, even though shes already 7 years old. The top two teeth have been loose for a very long time. The dentist even commented in October that one of them should be out soon. Angelique wouldn't wiggle though, or even try. She would get so scared!

On Sunday at lunch, we noticed she was eating funny. Angelique commented her top teeth hurt when she eats, So i looked at them and saw that both teeth were barely hanging there!

At home I insisted on her wiggling it or letting me do it. She was wiggling it and crying in fear. Dad came out and with some pliers and started teasing her. When he suggested tying a string to it and her slamming the door, to my surprise she was up for it!

Flying Tooth from Angela Nussbaum on Vimeo.


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