Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time for a change

My blog has been so bright and cheerful for so long, it needed a change. The funny thing is? all those flowers, the butterfly... its sooo NOT me. I love earthy colors such as browns and greens, and I love being muted. That brightness was getting to me.

So I have started to change my blog to reflect me! Hang in as this might take a day or two, but It shall be done by Friday. Will you come see it on Friday and give me your honest opinion?

The Nut


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Word of my year - BE

Ever since reading Mandy's Blog post about Imperfect (here) I have tossed and tossed word after word though my head. What a great idea. Rather than say "lose weight" or "stop yelling"... to just pick one word and focus on it for the year. Finally, today, 13 days into January I found my word: BE

Just BE

Slow down and BE

Less do, more BE

Why BE? It started because I am over extending myself. I do this, and that, bible studies, mops, discipleship class, girl scouts, pta (pto), babysitting, more and more and more. My life is so much about doing, but i need to just BE. I need to slow down and feel things around me, experience things. I need to stop doing a hundred church related things in a desperate search to experience GOD. How am i supposed to know him, when i am so busy? I need to just BE.

I don't know how im going to do this. Some epiphanies will find their way into my brain. But that is my goal this year. BE.

Be happy
Be with God
Be a mom
Be a wife
Be silly...

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Monday, January 12, 2009

52 layouts in a year.

I am one of the masterminds at scrapgirls.com who came up with Scrap Girls 52. We (myself, Becca and the SG team) came up with a way for our members to do something like Project 365, but in a way that did not feel so overwhelming. A way that would be more forgiving if you say... got crazy and forgot to take a picture. While we are trying to take a photo a day, our main goal is to get 52 layouts done. You should check it out:

Scrap Girls 52 Thread

Here is the first week of January.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

What is Love?

Ephesians 5:25 - Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself up for it
Titus 2:4 - that they may train the young women to love their husbands, to love their children

I have just learned what LOVE really is. Its not an emotion of passion, yearning, and joy. Its instead an ACT. If God commands husbands to love their wives, and he instructs women to learn to love their husbands, then it cannot be an emotion.

I get the weekly newsletter from Dr Gary Chapman, and he went over this. And its TRUE. I have spent the last week coming to my husband in a new way. I know his love language is acts of service, so he has come home to a clean house, home cooked meals, even his work clothes washed (ugh). The joy it brought him for me to do those simple things for him is indescribable.

I honestly will admit that I was worried about us. We have gone through so much since November, and I was so scared he was starting to hate me (My issues with the fact he was divorced, deep down Im afraid he will do the same with me, gotta get past it!). Instead, with my small selflish acts, he is now responding to me in a new way. I can almost cry right now thinking of it. I feel more LOVE from him now then ever before.

Wives - Learn to love your Husbands!!!!!

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas and Vista

Its been a bit since I last posted, my apologies. Believe it or not i have been actively communicating with hundreds of people in December. I was the email contact for some games that were going on at ScrapGirls. I had quite a blast. (though i wanted everyone to win badly!)

Anyways. Right now im frustrated with Vista! I downloaded CS4 trial to see if it will run with my computer before i purchased it. When i tried to install, it would not because Vista Service Pack 1 was not installed. So i tried to install it. I keep getting this awful error that is barely documented ANYWHERE on microsoft or the net. All i can find is lots of other people are in my place but that Microsoft has now answers.

So.. ugh. Im sitting back. Looking at my Monchhichi! YES i have one! When i was about 5, that is what i got for Christmas, a great story to be told later. But my dh remembered and he got this doll for me! Gotta love my Dear Husband! He is just too good for me sometimes. Anyways, im looking at my Monchhichi (he needs a name.. how about Walnut!) and I thought "walk away." I think i was getting all to stressed trying to figure this whole vista thing out. So lil Walnut has spoken!

(see how nutty i can be?)


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