Friday, September 11, 2009

I cant forget....

9/11. It holds so many memories for many peopl. For myself it holds a mix of both happiness and sadness. Now hold on, I'm not happy in anyway for those whose lives were lost. I am not happy because there are people out there with so much hatred they would kill innocents. I am not happy that there are ones who would destroy our nation. I feel such soul pulling sadness when i think back to that day. To the images I saw later when I got off work, images that still linger. I am almost near tears to think of it.

Happy though you ask? Because we are a nation that stands! Because we have beliefs and are not pursecuted for them. Because I can have an athiest friend who wont attack my for my Christian beliefs. Because in the day that followed 9/11 God gave me one of the most beautiful gifts, my daughter. My daughter was conceived on 9/12. I know the day well. The doctor was suprised I could tell him the exact hour I know she was conceived on.

My 9/11 baby. I call her that. Because in a moment of sadness, I, unmarried sought out comfort. What followed was a blessing :). My doctor called it the 9/11 Phenonemon. He said that God was giving those souls back to us, because in the months that followed, he found a HUGE increase of women who conceived in the aftermath of 9/11.

Happy. I am happy to see that after all that sadness, all that distruction, that horror.... a baby, a pure, innocent life was given. Several given. I look at my daughter and I think of how, in the light of everything, good can come from it.

Loves to you all, Prayers to those who are missing loved ones today, may God bless you, hold you and keep you in his arms.

(image from chascarper @ flikr, Thank You)


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