Monday, September 29, 2008

Ninja Cat

A friend posted this on facebook, and its just to die for! My girls watched it over and over!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spiritual Gifts

Yesterday I took a test that my pastor sent to those of us who were attending a women's luncheon and discussion on spiritual gifts. When I took the test, I was absolutely confident that the results would show that my gift is either Serving or Giving. Why? Because I give myself like no other, I serve like crazy everywhere, and I give anything I have to others in need.

I was completely floored when the results said my gift was Mercy. "NO!" my head shouted, that is not right! Now, dont get me wrong here, I am an extremely sensitive person. I empathize with others easily, and my heart can feel exactly what they are in any given moment. The problem is, I can not communicate. On so many put up prayer requests, and upon reading them, my heart is sad, broken and I have genuine concern for them. But I cant begin to write that... I just dont know what to say. So, is that Mercy?

Upon reading this description further, it goes on to talk about how those who have Mercy as a gift tend to feel concern more with the person than the reasoning. That Mercy people want to minister by "being there" when others really need them, while others are concerned about why, what, when or how. OKAY, now I am starting to get it. That sounds MUCH more like me.

But what about those other gifts I was so sure I had? I mean, gosh, I volunteer and love it, I give and love it. After talking with a group of ladies at the luncheon I know have it! Most of the things I volunteer for, or give for, are things I'm actually first thinking of that person emotionally. For example: Last year our bible study got wind of a lady who's husband left her and the kids with no money, and only the house. She had no job as she was a stay at home mom, and Easter was coming. Everyone in the study brought in food and Safeway gift certificates. Me? What did i bring? I dug into my case of brand new girls clothes and gave her daughters some new clothes and outfits they could use for Easter. Upon digging deeper I realized, my concern was her as a mother feeling sad that on Easter she couldn't do an Easter outfit. My thought was how I would feel as that mother, and rather than food, I gave to fill a possible emotional need.

So, on conclusion, I feel like Mercy really is my gift at this time. And that God has given me Service, and Giving as a method of fulfilling my Mercy gift.

What an eye opener today has been. Praise God, for he gives each of us truly wonderful gifts, we only need to see them, understand them, and not let them go to waste!



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