Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Thousand Gifts - 1 to 10

I have been following a blog called "Holy Experiences" and after hearing about the authors personal story, her history, I thought... "Here is someone who has had a past similar to mine". As I discovered more about her, I learned she wrote a book called "One Thousand Gifts"

This inspired me to finally start putting down all the blessings God gives me. I'm going to blog it every Monday (or mess up and throw it on Tuesday) current or blessings i found during the week. If your interested in joining in... browse those links above for more information.

1 - the voice of a 5 year old lifted up in song singing "holy holy holy, is the lord god almighty"
2 - a little tomato struggling for survival with the cold, staying strong and growing in the midst of it all.
3 - child happily sitting and feeling so beautiful because of some hot curlers in her hair.
4 - secret notes left on my bathroom mirror "I hope you dont get sick, i love you"
5 - strength from good friends when i put myself into a ditch of cannot.
6 - warm toes all night long.
7 - reflection on the beauty that God allowed my hands to create.
8 - dewy fog, deep and thick.... then a burst of sun.
9 - gentle nudges when the alarm didnt go off.
10 - someone to call when sadness overwhelmes me, who always tells me the same joke "Why do they put fences around graveyards?...... people are dying to get it" and it always makes me smile!


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