Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIP - #30

Ahhhh... the nice June days...

Finished: Well I did manage to finally finish this quilt!!! Yeah and a month early too!

In Progress:
Birdie Block of the Month   On March and it still looks like this:

Marshmellow Brochette   Quilt Along (for Angelique) on to the next step, made the strips.
 Decided i needed to do some planning for step 3 and did so much math my mind is spinning. However, here is a picture of the pink we chose... what do you think?

New This Week:
  I need to figure out a way to take these old quilt items and make them into a pillow for my mother in law... not sure how to do it or even how to fix the one... any thoughts? ideas?

I also am going to start a quilt with this group:  (fabrics are sort of selected using a ton of 5" charms that are kinda random)

My other daughter has fabrics for a quilt for her.. i need to pick a pattern or idea and get cutting soon. These are her fabrics... Puncuation (i think) and a Robert K solid:

WiP Wednesday #30 Recap:
Last week's total: 3
Finished this week: 1
In progress this week: 2
New this week: 2
This week's total: 4


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Derby Tale

The morning started out dull. We arrived way to early at the Palmer Lake Kids Fishing Derby. Rather than sit around we helped the people set up. Once 8 am hit we were on our way down the lake with our new poles!

The morning got even rougher with a mom and papa who were trying to remember years ago how to put a pole and line together. After a few funky and very funny attempts at casting, we finally figured it out! But before we could start fishing, we had a few neighbors join us and these little guys swam by to say hello....

Then we were down to business. Each of the girls were told to be patient, quiet and to not give up. The older two were allowed to experiment with casting and learned quite quickly....
Zoey was too little to really trust with the hook, so papa and mom helped her out the best they could. However, when her line came in... she cried out "they took my corn and gave me seeeeeweeeed!" followed by a disgusted look on her face. She did not like that seaweed one bit.
As the day progressed, it was funny to watch what the girls did. Sabryna thought that it would just be easier to sit on the ground... with a perfectly good chair next to her....
The one I worried the most about not liking fishing, is my active and fun child Angelique. I didnt know if she had it in her to be that patient. She handled the day super well, even when she got the hook on her finger! She didnt give up and had such patience! By the end of the day with not a single fish caught, it be came a game of learning how to cast out where they wanted it to be. They  sure did try to perfect their swing and aim!

It was a great weekend... NOW... I need to quilt a good comfy blanket so when we fish again, I can lay back with a good book and let them catch me some DINNER...

Anyone have a suggestion for a quilt for this??


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WIP - #29

Checking in!!

Mug rugs for teachers and secretaries. I did not get photos of all of them :( pooh!

This is a photo from the Art Hop where Crafty Laine hosted some of our mug rugs for show from the FrontRangeModernQuiltGuild. Mine are the last two on the right.

In Progress:
Birdie Block of the Month 
Got Feb finished:
March almost....

Robert Kaufman Solid challenge just needs the binding completed:

New This Week:
Marshmellow Brochette   Quilt Along (for Angelique) ran out of blue fabric!!

WiP Wednesday #29 Recap:
Last week's total: Didnt check in!
Finished this week: 5 mug rugs (that counts right?)
In progress this week: 2
New this week: 1
This week's total: 3


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