Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good Morning Again

The last few days have been very difficult, seemed that the kids were purposley egging me to stress and a bad mood. But turns out it was a woman thing. LOL. Now i know how my mother felt with me and my sister. Forgive me Mom!!

Today im doing a chat on doing Desktops using scraping supplies. Its so much fun. I do it at the end of every month, just in time to get the next months ready. Hope to see a good turnout tonight. You wanna come? Register at ScrapGirls on the message board, and click on the chat link at 9pm est.

My supplies are mainly from ScrapGirls, including those awesome pumpkins. You can get a set of pumpkins, and all kinds of mouths/nose/eyes and you put them together how you want!!! Want some? Look here. With the exception of the background. That is from SP Kristie collection.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

School Picture Day

Well with all my efforts my 2 oldest went to school looking very cute. When they came home their hair was loose and their clothes had markers etc on them. Im praying that pictures were done very early!

I got a great compliment from Sabrynas teacher today. She says my new homework practices with Sabryna are great. She says Sabryna is really taking ownership in her work. Its so hard to not want to help her, or send her to school with her homework all perfect and done. But the teacher said shes in first grade, she needs to learn now. The methods have really helped me be ready for Sabryna when she chooses to do her work! Three Cheers for Teachers!


Monday, September 24, 2007

U. R.

This is a layout that i just recently did. I got to c0-host a chat @ with one of my wonderful friends. This layout was inspired by Amanda Sok. She is a fabulous designer at ScrapGirls. Okay, can you tell... I LOVE ScrapGirls!! Pretty much anything i do, i use, i buy, i make is part of or revolves around ScrapGirls.

This is my Dearest little Baby. Okay, now she is 2, but this was one of my favorite photos of her. I love how big and glossy her beautiful eyes are. At this time you couldnt see her true colors yet as her eyes were still changing.



Now today is the start. Its very hard to do something where you are putting yourself in public. But I really wanted to do something that would allow family not at home to view what is going on in the world of Nuts.

Although today started out very rough (kids decided to chase the cat into my room at 6am, where myself and sick Zoey were sleeping), its turning out to be a beautiful day. Things have brightened up, and my wonderful husband is on his way to Denver.

Fall is the season that i love the most. And its starts today. With our weather only getting into the 60's, its cool enough and sunny enough to feel right.


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