Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Nut explaination.

Every once in awhile it hits me... you forgot your blog!! Argh!

Recently someone asked me why everyone online referred to me as the NUT, did I really want ppl thinking I was some crazy mom? I laughed and explained that when I married my dear husband, and took on his name, I also took on being a nut. You see, his last name is Nussbaum. Nuss - means Nut in German, and baum means tree. So... we are a family tree of nuts!!! Hence I married the perfect man for me!

P.S. I dont think it helps that I'm such a silly, happy, fun person... it makes me so much more nuttier.

a picture, one must have a picture for a post!
This picture came from our trip to Ohio. I wanted a picture of me and my three girls, and rather than hand my camera to someone I thought how fun to just reach out, turn the camera around and snap us! It took 4 tries to get us all in the camera!!!

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