Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas and Vista

Its been a bit since I last posted, my apologies. Believe it or not i have been actively communicating with hundreds of people in December. I was the email contact for some games that were going on at ScrapGirls. I had quite a blast. (though i wanted everyone to win badly!)

Anyways. Right now im frustrated with Vista! I downloaded CS4 trial to see if it will run with my computer before i purchased it. When i tried to install, it would not because Vista Service Pack 1 was not installed. So i tried to install it. I keep getting this awful error that is barely documented ANYWHERE on microsoft or the net. All i can find is lots of other people are in my place but that Microsoft has now answers.

So.. ugh. Im sitting back. Looking at my Monchhichi! YES i have one! When i was about 5, that is what i got for Christmas, a great story to be told later. But my dh remembered and he got this doll for me! Gotta love my Dear Husband! He is just too good for me sometimes. Anyways, im looking at my Monchhichi (he needs a name.. how about Walnut!) and I thought "walk away." I think i was getting all to stressed trying to figure this whole vista thing out. So lil Walnut has spoken!

(see how nutty i can be?)


Mandy January 3, 2009 at 4:42 PM  

Oh my gosh, I used to love Monchichis!

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