Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crash not burn

After leading the crafts and activities for VBS camp, Im exhausted! I was incognito for the last two weeks trying to make sure alot of the things were taken care of, my leaders were trained and ready, and that I would survive. It ended up being an AWESOME week with the kiddos, with God giving us many blessings.

On the quilting front, not alot got done. I did cut 100 2" strips of muslim for one of the crafts (the kiddos got to dye the strips and keep them). I did manage to get some fabric shopping in!!

I have no clue who or what this fabric is, but i love the two together:

 What do you think of the yellow, white, grey combo?

I also got a stash of Kona White and Kona Snow... seems im learning these are essential colors to have on hand.

Oh and I did sign up for 2 bees: Scrappy BowTie Swap; and NuBee Bee. Im very excited to give them a chance and see if im cut out for the world of Flickr Bees. 

I have also been working very hard at the Skill Builder Series, and while a new tutorial is up (i havnt done yet) I'm pretty much caught up...


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