Thursday, May 27, 2010

Breaking Free - Facebook

 I just did something truely amazing for myself.

I was just in a chat at when the person i was chatting with mentioned something. It kinda hit me, that what she said applied to me in a way. I have spent most of this year trying to Break Free from all those things that hold me captive.... and guess what?.... Facebook was holding me WAY captive. The addiction i felt towards the games is so powerful.

So suddenly, without thinking about it i said "im deleting all thsoe games." Sure that sounded so brave, assure of myself... but as i went in to delete them... oh dear! the hardship!

I worked so hard on that one
I have so many recipes...
My pooor pet... she has all those great rooms
my high score....
That one was so fun once...

Thsoe thoughts kept entering my brain and I couldnt hit that X no matter how i tried.

Finally i took a deep breath and called on my superhero to come and release me. "God" I called out from deep in my soul "Help me hit that X"

An amazing peace, a breath of fresh air, a feeling of lightness came over me and i hit those X's and over 200 more!

I am now game free from facebook. but.... im not silly to think i wont be tempted in the future. A new prayer is added to my prayer list. "God, help me to resist and ignore, delete or hide those temptations. God help me to love facebook in a way that is healthy for me, and honoring to you."

Was that drastic? Possibly, but i highly suggest you give it a try! God is so liberating! Go... go delete 2 or 3... see how it feels!

Now.... to make a list of things i want to do with my time!!! Any suggestions? :)

See! only a couple apps left... only ones like status update (very neat religious themes there) 
and a few others. NO games!


Holly May 27, 2010 at 4:30 PM  

Good job on the blog, Angela!~

Hummie July 30, 2010 at 6:04 AM  

Good for you for recongizing an addiction! I have every single game ap blocked on Facebook. I don't even get invites. I know I would get addicted to it too and I know that isn't a good thing.

Just go cold turkey and block the things, then you'll naturally look for other hobbies to do. Maybe read your Bible!

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