Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2nd - That Batch of Cookies

I remember, back when I was a pre teen. I had decided i wanted to decorate sugar cookies for Christmas. I pulled out my moms famous big batch recipe (which is now lost, *sad sigh*) and proceeded to mix it up. My mom didnt have a full measuring spoon set, just a large Tablespoon, but i felt confident that i could "figure it out". I did fairly fine... got it all mixed, and baked. They baked perfectly in our oven.

As they were cooling, i called my friend to come over and help me decorate while i made some icings. I thought i was the coolest person to bake my own cookies. We had sat down, decorated a couple and decided to try our masterpieces.

PfHHHHhhhgaht! *spit spit*

The cookies, even with their super sweet icing were horrible!!! They were so salty, you could barely get the taste out of your mouth. As i reviewed the recipe, i noticed it said 1 tsp for the salt, and i had put in 1 Tbsp!

Moral of the story is to not think so highly of yourself that you lose focus on the task at hand!

Merry Christmas

now.. i need some cookies....

Here is a cookie recipe, i made in 2007, that you cant mess up!!!
~............Merry Christmas..............~

**This is NOT gluten free.


B.E.Hughes December 2, 2009 at 10:19 PM  

Thank you for the darling (and sweet) recipe! I hope I have time to make them for my grandkids for the holiday "baggies" this year. Maybe I should have THEM make them on Christmas day? Hmmm,... maybe NOT! LOL

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