Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Teen at 7?

Apparently I am not the only mother experiencing this phenomenon (as i found out in a ScrapGirls.com Chat). Why is it our little girls go into kindergarten and come out worrying about who is their best friend, and how much Hannah stuff they have? Then they go into first grade after a summer of trying to help them get back onto the right track, and all they learn is how they have power, and they can push and prod till they get what they want. WHAT??? My 2 little girls are already acting like teens! Angelique wants to have makeup, my tomboy Sabryna wants to have complete power and control. Its amazing!

This is a picture of me trying to get them to behave (in a fun way of course). Notice the spiffy jacket? and the little grin in the back full of attitude? LOL

I just pray and pray, that God will lead them, guide them. Because try as I may, I am not doing a perfect job. Please God, watch over my little girls. Let them be little girls awhile yet. Guide them gently into becoming women of strength and character. Amen.


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