Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project Love Me - Cover

My cover.....

The journaling (in case you cannot read it):

One of the things I think of when I scrap for my children is

whether or not they will know me. I fear something will happen to me and
they will not have their stories about their childhood. But what about me? If
something should happen, will they know who I was? I have so many stories, and
while I do share them with the girls, I do not commit them in a way for them to
have at a later date. Beyond that, I also think of grandkids, or great grandkids,
will they ask about me and get no answer, no story?

This is a chance for me to tell all the things about me. What hopes and dreams I have.
The things that make me laugh, the things that make me cry. The things I do, the things I
will NOT do. Things that aresilly and nutty about me. Things I love, things I dont. My
opinions and thoughts whether or not they are right. My love for God, and my
intimate relationship with him. The things I seek, things Ive found.
Im not perfect, so im sure some of my stories will be quite interesting. I
can be very short and to the point, other times I can talk your ear
off. My goal is to work hard, push myself to complete this
wonderful project and not give up. In the end when or if
it happens later that someone asks “Who was she?” They
will have this book to go too. They will be able to laugh and
cry with me, and go on a discovery to find out...
That this is Who I am!
(products used are from a large mixture of kits by both SuzyQ and Ziggle)


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