Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas Swap WIP

The Front Range Modern Quilt Guild is doing a swap with its members. Its an urban home goods swap. 

I recieved a quart size ziplock bag full of my partners favorite holiday fabrics. I don't know the line she gave me, but I really like it. 

She gave me a list of things to make and I would love to make them all for this amazing lady. So, first I'm attempting a table runner with a Christmas tree theme from Sew Mama Sew.

Here it is so far :


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day.... yesterday... and WIPs

My family is sick.
Courtesy of mom! I got a bad cough that developed into bronchitis last week, and now all three of my girls and I are vegging out on the sofa, with our quilts of course!

So for Valentines Day, I woke up at 1 am, feeling awful! Saw my husband had written a sweet Valentines day note on the mirror (dry erase) and I felt guilty because I had done nothing for him. I spent a few weak moments writing a long note to him on his mirror. He had a card for me with an amazing personal letter, and a bag of chocolates from the kids. He feels like he didnt do much, but WORDS mean so much to me!! I really felt loved. He also came home and made dinner, that was major brownie points for him.

Did I mention that he walked into the house with an arm FULL of packages and said they were for me? I felt like a kid in a candy store! I got my polka dot charms from a swap, AND the fabric I won from Sunny in CAL..
Polka Dot Charms!!

There was also a bonus piece of GORGEOUS fabric!!!

I have not gotten much done, but I did finish a small token for the girls for Valentines Day. I had planned on bigger pillows but ended up with just enough strength to manage these. They must be a hit, even the oldest is still carrying hers around.
I used a tutorial for a start, but ended up having to make my own pattern for these.

Well, the old body is crying for some rest. Im off to the sofa for more healing.


Blocks for February NuBee's (1 of 5 completely finished)

FRMQG Adventure Swap Block (Januarys done, February's wip)

No progress:
Craftsy BOM class blocks - need to do 2nd January block and February's
Sabryna's Crazy Improv quilt
Piecing brown/aqua/orange quilt
Birdie Stitches Block of the Month - on April
Doll quilt for niece
piecing yellow/grey/black quilt
Christmas Improv quilt

This week's stats:
New projects - 0
Completed projects - 0
Currently in progress -9


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Working and working... WIP

It seems I'm  not that good of a blogger. I manage a post a month? hahaha.... well as I always say "Do what you can do, because thats all you can do. But dont forget to take another step and always continue."

So... some works in progress:

Marshmallow Brochette   Quilt Along (for Angelique) - Quilted and Bound. (photos need to be taken, but its cold outside!
Blocks for Novembers NuBee (I was graciously given an extension)

Current projects:
Blocks for February NuBee's - Some cut, some sewn. 
Craftsy BOM class blocks - need to do 2nd January block and February's

Sabryna's Crazy Improv quilt - 2 more pieces and top is done! - I literally just cut randomly and sewed randomly. Then when I had 3 sets, I started to fill in some solid.
Valentines Day Dolls for the girls - Trying to decide to go with a small one or big one.

Piecing brown/aqua/orange quilt

No progress:
Birdie Stitches Block of the Month - on April
Doll quilt for niece
piecing yellow/grey/black quilt
Christmas Improv quilt

This week's stats:
New projects - 0
Completed projects - 2
Currently in progress -9


Monday, January 23, 2012


Its been a long.. long.. LOOONG time since i last posted. So rather than excuses and all that junk, I'll just have a little fun and show you some of what Im up too.

First... Last week i got ALOT further along with Sabryna's quilt. I started this in, lets see... October. That means i'll be done with it in September?

 It doesnt give you much of an idea of the pattern, well because there is not one. I started cutting and sewing, then cutting and sewing. No plan on where to go. I managed to put together 2 big chunks with some left over. Now to add a solid to pull it together. I'll be using some Kona School Bus basically in all the "open" areas you see.

Recently I mentioned on Facebook that my daughter was wanting some of my scraps and that it was like asking for me to pull my arm off and give it to her. Then there was confusion because I have another daughter who hits the scrap bag as well. My littlest, who is 6 years old, likes to sit and hand sew pieces together while sitting next to me when I sew. So far its really not that bad! Here is her WIP.

And her back... (I mark the fabric with dots to help her sew in and out.)

Anyways, other than that... Family life is going good. I got a job at the girls school, which keeps me very busy, but very happy as well.

Ta Ta for now....



Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday Night Sew In - Results

Friday Night Sew In happened last night and i was amazed at some things I  got accomplished. 

Finished putting the pieces together on the Marshmallow Brochette Quilt that I was making for my daughter. I also spent some time getting the back done. I just love making the backs as interesting as the tops!  
My beautiful assistants and great view!
I also got a TON of cutting done and some BowTie's created for the Scrappy BowTie Block Swap. Ive decided to utilize 5 fabrics and make 5 blocks. Swapping 20 and keeping 5 for myself. I might make more but I'll have to see how far I get!
If you want to have fun with the Friday Night Sew In click on the cute button!!  
Handmade by Heidi


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday #36


Nothing :(

Current projects:
Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along - Just staring. Got the templates all cut out, going to put them to "cardboard" and patiently awaiting the book! will be using the fabrics on previous post and I'm thinking with kona white. Want it to be bright and colorful.

Marshmallow Brochette   Quilt Along (for Angelique) Not much on the progress, did sew some of the strips together...

We can do it! Skill Builder Sampler Quilt-Along - one block behind
Having fun with these blocks using up a stash of batiks and playing with a bit of a rainbow theme. I need a yellow batik though.. hahaha.

No progress:
NuBees {A Block Swap}  - starts in august
Scrappy BowTie Block Swap
Birdie Stitches Block of the Month - still on april
Oldest daughters quilt (using punctuation fabrics)
Habitat Challenge (Front Range Modern Quilt Guild)

This week's stats:
New projects - 5
Completed projects - 0
Currently in progress - 7

Please leave me any suggestions, comments or whatever! See you all next week (if i can remember)!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Caught the bug ..... Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long

I caught it! and its got me badly!

The farmers wife quilt-a-long hosted by Amanda and Angela, where you make 2 blocks out of the book a week.

A blog posting at Pleasant Home had me super excited. She was so organized about the process that I felt I could totally handle this project!

I sure do hope I can do this! I wont have the book until later this week (shipping ugh). But

But now for my DILEMMA......

I'm thinking of using these fabrics combined with a solid.. maybe white? I don't know what solid to use... Any ideas? White, snow, charcoal, or other?

Kona Snow?
Kona White?
Help me out!!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Thought

by smilesdaball

The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them;
he delivers them from all their troubles.

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

A righteous man may have many troubles,
but the LORD delivers him from them all.

Psalm 34:17-19


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